As cyber crime and attacks have increased, more personal health information has become available to criminals and causing the value to decrease. Research recently provided to CyberScoop that was conducted by the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology and several other firms, the  amount of  patient records that have been stolen and posted for sale on the dark web recently has caused prices for most of the information to drop significantly.

It’s making it more difficult for criminals to make a living selling healthcare information, according to James Scott, a senior fellow at ICIT. “While the quality, quantity and sometimes origin of such electronic records will help dictate the price of any specific package for sale, average prices are largely trending downwards for individual, non-financial files, new research shows. The value of similar healthcare records that sold last year for roughly $75 to $100 dollars can now be found for around $20 to $50 dollars“, Scott said.

“The volume of stolen medical data for sale in the criminal underground is increasing, leading to very low prices for individual records,” Vitali Kremez, a senior analyst focused on cyber intelligence at Flashpoint, told CyberScoop.

A majority of stolen healthcare patient records sold on the dark web come from U.S.-based institutions that have been breached, according to Intel Security.

The average price for a single complete electronic health record — described as a “fullz” in underground markets — typically tagged with financial information and supporting documents like utility bills or insurance receipts, currently hovers around $50, World Privacy Forum founder Pam Dixon recently estimated.

Laying the groundwork for a further discordant dark web economy in some part, according to Kremez and Intel Security vice president Raj Samani, is also the ambiguous rise of prominent, dedicated healthcare hackers. Two of these mysterious actors, known simply by their vendor usernames “earthbound11” and “thedarkoverlord,” have been flooding the market with medical fullz in recent months, thereby dictating the price for other smaller resellers.

A hacker’s underground reputation is typically one of the leading factors leading to the valuation and eventual sale of any records package they post, research shows.