HIPAA Cybersecurity

“Healthcare providers have become the primary targets of malicious hackers, and their attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and disruptive to operations,” Dan Berger, vice president at CynergisTek, said in a statement (Redspin is now part of the CynergisTek portfolio).

“The dramatic increase in hacking attacks in 2016, coupled with the large number of patient records copmromised in those incidents, points to a pressing need for providers to take a much more proactive and comprehensive approach to protecting their information assets in 2017 and beyond,” Berger added.

A recent HyTrust survey of 51 healthcare and biotech organizations found that 63 percent of healthcare organizations are currently using the public cloud, 25 percent of those using the public cloud do not encrypt their data, and 63 percent say they intend to use multiple cloud vendors. This puts them at a much higher risk of a potential breach.

82 percent of healthcare organizations still believe security is their top concern.

Arecent Accenture survey found that 26 percent of U.S. consumers have had their personal medical information stolen from technology systems. This means that their data is probably being sold on the black market.

Over half of those whom were breached fell victim to medical identity theft. The cost per incident was $2,500 out of their pocket.

“Health systems need to recognize that many patients will suffer personal financial loss from cyber attacks of their medical information,” Reza Chapman, managing director of cyber security in Accenture’s health practice, said in a statement. “Not only do health organizations need to stay vigilant in safeguarding personal information, they need to build a foundation of digital trust with patients to help weather the storm of a breach.

50% of those who experienced a breach found out about it  by discovering an error on their credit card statement or benefits explanation. Only 33 percent were alerted to the breach by the organization where it occurred.

On average, in response to having their data breached, 25 percent of patients changed healthcare providers, 21% changed insurance plans, and 19%t sought legal counsel.